About FBC
What Is Sunday School?




Bible Study

Bible Study is one of the foundational elements of Christian worship, service, and growth. Students are provided a study guide and urged to prepare for each Sunday’s lesson.




From the classroom to the community, each class provides members with an opportunity to reach out to persons who are shut in at home and in our nursing homes. Classes are supportive of members during times of illness and bereavement as well as those moments of celebration. In a church of over 1,000 members, one’s Sunday School class becomes an important place for the “Open Hand of God’s Grace” to be offered and felt on a personal basis.



Classes and departments are urged to plan times to get together beyond the realm of Bible study and ministry. These time allow members who do the work of the church together to play and rest together.


How Can I Participate?

On Sunday mornings at 9:45 a.m., our Sunday School provides classes for every age group from birth to Senior Adults. Classes are formed according to age. People are located outside the doors of the Education Building each morning to assist you in finding the classes for you and your family.