About FBC

 Mission Ventures Team

The Mission Ventures Team will be responsible for the creation, promotion and/or oversight of all mission efforts of First Baptist Church including denominational mission emphases in order to fulfill the commission of Christ in Acts1:8 and the challenge of Christ in Matthew 25:34-36. The team will consist of nine members who have a heart for missions and represent some of the mission endeavors going on at our church. The team will meet monthly to promote current and plan future mission projects.


1.       The Mission Ventures Team will keep a calendar of all mission activities going on throughout the year for promotion, assistance, and coordination of events to prevent duplication or overlapping of mission events.

2.      The Mission Ventures Team will seek to have a well rounded missions program including missions education, benevolence, homebound ministry, disaster relief, community missions, home missions and international missions.

3.      The Mission Ventures Team will plan a missions fair once a year to promote and seek support for all the mission efforts of our church.

4.      The Mission Ventures Team will endeavor to fulfill the commission of Christ by not only supporting community mission efforts, but planning national and international mission trips for members of our congregation to extend the open hand of God’s grace through witness and ministry.

  1. The Mission Ventures Team would be responsible for determining annually what mission efforts to fund, whether local, associational, state, national, or international.  They would work with the Finance Committee to set budget amounts for those to be included in the budget and set goals for those efforts that are funded by voluntary gifts.

6.      The purpose of the committee is not to control existing mission organizations, groups, or activities but to assist them in promotion and support and to create new mission groups or programs that will function on their own.