About FBC






What do you see when you look at the image above? Some will only see a figure that looks a little like a tree. Others will see a cute logo and a catchy, spiritual tagline. Those things are true, but we hope you see more than that.

We hope you see that at our core, our trunk, we're doing our best to follow Jesus regardless of our age. We hope you see that we're reaching out--reaching to Scripture to guide and shape us, and reaching out to our community through ministry and mission. We hope you see that all of these things come together in the worship of God. We're trying our best to worship with all that we are and everything we do!

We want to create lives of worship in our children and in ourselves, but we can't do it alone. We weren't meant to live our lives alone. That's why God blessed us with families--parents, children, friends, mentors, fellow travelers. Even so, families need other families in order to be their very best. So no matter what your family looks like, come find your place in our family. Come grow with us. Come worship with us. Come live with us!

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